Illustrations for Aguacate

These are illustrations made for Aguacate, a Costa-Rican creative agency that commissioned me to illustrate for them in the months just passed.  They are amazing designers.  All I did was put ink on paper and the rest was their brain-child, from conception to design & execution.

I also suggest you check Aguacate’s website, although I believe they are working on  a new one and this one might be out of date.


This first set is for Cromos y Cafe, a coffee shop/nursery in Costa Rica who wanted to appeal to youthful and trendy mothers.  The look is fresh and Aguacate asked me to draw in ballpoint pen to keep it naive and playful.


My drawings were then cleverly applied by Aguacate on all sorts of merchandise, from stationary to place-mats, bags, t-shirts and hats!

Letter-heads & Business CardsUsed in stationary...

Condiments: Sugar, Salt & Pepper, & place-mats

For the condiments & place mats

Take-away packaging


T-shirts & hats

T-shirts & clothing




This second set was for an upmarket Italtian restaurant Bacchus, also in Costa Rica.  They asked for a classic & very technical look, which I acheived using ink.  Again, I love what Aguacate did with the design, I never thought I’d see my drawings on a pizza box!


Cover for the lunch Menu


Dinner Menu


‘If we didn’t know wine, we’d be called somehting else’


Take-away Packaging



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