Sketches of India

In January I returned from a 4-month long trip around India.  So the ‘sketches of India’ is a tiny bit misleading, because what I’m posting is a collection of doodles that don’t necessarily portray India.  I took my camera for that purpose 🙂  They are more reflections of my mood and just drawings of whatever took my fancy!  Enjoy!

Finger painting of the beach on the Andaman Islands

‘The Octotree’  Made on the hotel notepad of the Gateway, a Taj Hotel in Fort Cochin, Kerala

Not sure what inspired this.  I’d like to animate it so that the puzzle is actually a moving sky or sunset.

Gujarati women reading prayers

Sunset on Fort Meherangarh, Jodphur Rajasthan

The daughter of the owner of Mabla Guesthouse in Gokarna beach.  The background is of a scarf I bought.  I would love to make this one into a screen print!  Soon I hope!


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