Jenny wants a picture

My friend Jenny commissioned me to create a portrait of her with an umbrella. She’s got lovely dark eyes and hair, so I wanted those features to stand out the most. I tried making the umbrella every color even adding some purple lace, but finally we settled for a quite boyish pattern that didn’t take away too much from her face. Ain’t she pretty!

I rather enjoyed the process so if you fancy a portrait, just ask!


Spread your wings

My little sister told me a lovely story about the freedom of birds. She said she had had a conversation with someone who had expressed the need to have time to themselves, and ‘spread their wings’. Whilst riding back on the train a short while after, my sister thought about how that applied to her life, and how perhaps it was her time to exercise her freedom and spread her wings…. she looked out the window in that instant, the sky was a perfect orange with not a cloud in sight, except that of a perfectly formed bird, in full flight, the span of its wings fully extended.

This story struck me so much that I decided to reproduce what I imagined that bird looked, and felt like for her.  Sometimes for a little inspiration, you just need to look out to the sky.


My updated showreel.

It features work completed in the last three years.  It includes work completed with Kryzstof Bierski  ‘Danse Macabre’ which won the D&AD Yellow Pencil Award, and ‘Interview with Sagmeister’ which was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi.  It also includes ‘Brain Unravelled’ which features a brain deisigned by Storm Thorgerson, and work completed in the Bristol Three Month Animation course.