Introducing Breasts

I’ve been busy!

After attending the  Back2Health conference, I had countless women ask after an image of ‘breasts’.  I realised it was a much needed addition still missing from the collection.  The demand was both heartening and overwhelming.

So under the beautiful April skies I began the foraging.  From Glastonbury to the Clifton Downs, the foraging expedition to find the prefect breasts was no small task.   However, after several frustrated attempts at arranging soil and small blossoms to into breast shapes, in the place of delicate feminine contours what I had staring back resembled miniature volcanoes made of dirt.  Not quite what I was aiming for!   So in attempt to try harder, off I went in search of wider meadows, scouring the Clifton Downs for the ideal textures to make up the breast tissue, and finally arrived to Glastonbury town centre, where there lay round little pink flowers perfectly shaped like nipples.

So now, I proudly present the newest addition to the Eye Heart Spleen collection:


breasts copyright small


If you would like to order one, please visit the Price List page and email me with your order to


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