Thank You to the Internet

Hello all,

I feel compelled to express some thanks to the internet community for raising Eye heart Spleen to dizzying heights.  By the wonderful whim of the internet I found the images going viral and popping up in every other design blog around the world.  I had interest expressed from press agencies in China, Italy and the UK, culminating in two articles being published on major online platforms- the Huffington Post and ABC  I made a few exciting sales on Etsy and had an outpouring of fans from around the world.  So to you, I say thanks- for deeming these images valuable enough to share, and for giving a little artist like me, the hope and confidence to continue sharing my work.

Lets stay in touch 🙂

To read the articles press here and here








2 thoughts on “Thank You to the Internet

  1. Congratulations! The attention is well deserved. I shared a couple of your prints on my blog today. I had been admiring them for a while. They’re absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to pick some up from your shop. I’m eyeing the lungs and heart for my dining room. And would love the ovaries for my bedroom.

  2. Camila!
    I was going to ask for your permission to use some of your pictures at NotaMínima, a blog mainly focused on Art and Science. I’m very glad to find this post in your blog and to know you’re excited about your work being shared, so I taking it as you won’t disagree.
    Still I wanted to let you know. I will include a link to this blog and to your site, so people interested in your work can find you. If per any reason you’d like me to not share your Eye Heart Spleen work, just let me know.

    Congratulations on all the attention received! is well deserved. I fell in love with the Eye Heart Spleen series since the very first time I saw it on ThisIsColossal.

    Thank you for such commendable pieces of art and delicacy.
    A huge fan from México.


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