Back to Health Conference

Hello friends,

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything.  Camera assisting has been keeping me busy these last few months.  So here’s what’s new with my art:

Eye Heart Spleen had a very successful appearance at the ‘Back2Health‘ Conference, an integrative Cancer health-care event, organized by the wonderful Fiona Shakeela Burns.

It hosted a dynamic range of speakers with powerful testimonials about their recovery from cancer using alternative therapies, as well as some fascinating talks about health, life and spirit!

There was a great reaction to the prints, as people responded well to the use of nature plants and herbs to portray our organs.

I would love to do more events like that so if you’re in the know please drop me a line.

In the meanwhile, I hope you’re feeling blessed and happy!



Taking Christmas Orders

If you’re thinking of getting someone a unique gift, now is a good time to do it! Order online, send me any questions or enquiries, or check me out on Facebook to order your ‘Eye Heart Spleen’ prints.

If you happen to be Bristol-based, then come along in person to Colston Hall Gift Fair next weekend and check out my stall on Saturday & Sunday!

Christmas print wall

Happy Christmas!!!

I thought I would write Happy Christmas as I’ve been wishing you all a Happy Halloween and Happy Movember.  But actually, growing up under American cultural precedence, saying Happy instead of Merry Christmas just sounds weird…  But anyway, I digress…

What this post is really about is to announce that I will be holding Christmas stalls (yay!) at the folowing venues, on the following dates:

Saturday Dec 1st –  Christmas Steps Christmas Market, Bristol

Saturday Dec 15th – Colston Hall Gift Fair (middle level) Bristol

Saturday 16th – Colston Hall Gift Fair (middle level) Bristol


Merry Christmas!